Version 1.11 Update - Hopefully all good!

Edit: Thought I would try exporting the game with Godot 3.3.  Turns out there was some extra helpful debug messages that helped me nail down the crashes in the linux version.  So if you downloaded the 1.1 version, apologies.  Grab the 1.11 version and everything should be good.

So this is the 1.1 update.  I didn't want to release this without having fixed absolutely everything, but there were some critical crashes in the 1.0 release due to a bug that only ever appears in the release build, not in debug/editor.  This always pops up just this time I didn't catch it before release.  I probably released too early.

This seems to not affect the Windows build, but certainly does in the Linux one. In a nutshell, the game will no longer crash on level restarts.  Bad news is if you die and restart, then finish the level it'll crash.  If you exit to the menu, you might get to it once, but if you enter the game then exit to the menu again the game will crash.

So with that out the way, if you have a save game in progress, backup your saves before trying this 1.1 version.  If you have unlocked any game modes they will still be preserved so don't worry there. 

Other than that, here are the fixes: 

  • Missing collision has been fixed across all levels....if you find any though please let me know on the
  • The pause menu can no longer be opened if you've died.
  • Tutorial text on low rez mode now fits in it's box
  • Mouse sensitivity has been tweaked so in low rez, the higher sensitivities will still work okay and
    in standard the lower settings should be far less sensitive.
  • Enemies shouldn't disappear but this will be further investigated
  • Low rez mode HUD text will now scale correctly on small windows
  • Enemies should no longer move through walls, this was due to navigation mesh having islands that couldn't
    be reached.
  • Fixed issue with saves sometimes not actually saving.
  • Improved mouse capturing if you decide to tab in/out.

As well as that you can now toggle ambient occlusion on and off.

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May 08, 2021

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