Progress update and future of the game

Hello folks,

To start with thank you to all who are following, have played the demo.  Especially those who have further supported by donating to play the exe version of the demo.

I've been quiet for a long time for various reasons.  One is I've just been having a bit of a hard time, but that's not what I'm wanting to talk about.

So around two months ago I started working on a re-write of Point Rescue.  It became apparent that the current codebase was really holding me back with implementing new features, AI, levels, enemies etc. so started with a new approach writing the game in C#.  It still utilises the Godot engine, but is done so in a way that essentially let's me use it more as an API rather than a full engine.

The core features are reimplemented and it's a case of bringing things up to parity with the most recent standard Godot version of Point Rescue.  There are so many technical and creative benefits to this new version, but I have had limited time recently to work on getting this version out for release.  

Unfortunately, I'll probably have even less time in the near future.

The bitter sweet news is, I will be starting a new job in the industry.  I'm really excited and happy with this new opportunity but of course it comes at the sacrifice of Magellanic Games and the games I have in development.

I will be continuing development of Point Rescue and aiming to release a new demo on Steam, but I cannot give any ETA on this.  I will, however, be updating when I can on its progress.  Development will only be happening when I have free time.

Anyway, thank you for reading and I hope to bring you more Point Rescue updates soon!


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I'm still looking forward to full release of Point Rescue Arcade. All the best for your new job.


That's sad to read but I understand having personal (and time) problems myself.
Hope everything will go well for you! I was really looking forward to this game. I'm not much of a coderbut if you ever need any help design wise let me know.


Thank you, I hope I can get something released in the future but need things to settle before I can make any plans :)
I'll certainly drop you a message if I need any help.