10 day progress

So 10 days ago I embarked on a challenge. A challenge to finish a game.  It's been over a year since my first release and I need to get things moving again.

After a spark of inspiration playing an old prototype, I came up with remaking it as a twin-stick shooter.  The aim is to finish this in 3 weeks.  Gameplay, graphics, music, sound ....everything.

These first few days of progress have gone really well.  It's been a bit of a grind, but I've managed to keep momentum by keeping focus on making a minimum viable game.  Chopping features as ruthlessly as possible has enabled me to keep the game with a clear focus and steady progression.

Currently the game has all it's core enemies and mechanics.  The following weeks will be spend on sound, music, UI , game balance and adding the odd couple of talent abilities.  So here we go.  My target is the 9th of June for release.  Wish me luck.

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