Nearing the end

Another week that has just flown by.  Plenty of progress, though things have naturally slowed down.

Finished off building the last few environment assets and adding the final touches to the level.  Cut various areas as they seemed redundant.  This has given the game a better flow.

The rest of the development time has been spent bug fixing and balancing the game.  Some of the abilities needed changing.  The core combo-ability has been altered as it became apparent that as waves of enemies increase in number, you just don't have the firepower to keep up.

I'm sure many of those who are reading this have no idea what the game is.  So essentially it's a twin stick shooter with a teeny progression system built in.

You have a primary weapon, which takes advantage of the talents you learn as you level up.  A secondary, weaker weapon with infinite ammo is there for strategic use.  Use it to save ammo or make use of it's faster fire-rate to stagger enemies and keep them off you.

As you defeat enemies you earn experience and each level you gain allows you to spend a talent point in a list of abilities.  Of course, the higher level the ability, the more powerful it is.  These range from increasing gun fire-rate, to new abilities such as allowing your combo ability to shoot out a spray of bullets.

The progression is incredibly linear but the game's scope is intended to be very small.  If there is a future version , then abilities, levels and enemies will all be expanded.

Anyway, thanks for reading. You can check out updates more frequently on twitter:  Until next time.

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